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Cultural Activities

The BNM Friends of Nature club inculcates in the sudents the importance of preserving our enviroment, our wild animals, our naural heritage and instill in them the spirit of adventure through bird Watching, nature Walks, Trekking, Camping and visits to the wilderness and Wild Life Sanctuaries and National Parks.

The students are encouraged to have a healthy respect and love of nature and the institutions themselves, with their lush green surroundings and neatly laid out structures inculcate in the students a truly aesthetic sense and appreciation of beauty and art.

Non-Scholastic Activities including games and sports, drawing and painting, music (both vocal and instrumental), dance, craft and handwork. These are integral part of the Curriculum and form the co-curricular or work-experience activities. Supplementary activities or Extra-Curricular Activities are those of the various clubs like, science, drama, literary, nature, environment and conservation.

Commitment to Nature

It is mandatory at all BNM Institutions to have a 'Friends of Nature Club'. The students of the Nature Club are environment friendly. They participate in environment protection programmes, wildlife observation, trekking, adventures and camping activities in association with the "World Wide Fund for nature" (WWF), "Duke of Edinburgh Youth Program" etc.

Project Work

The school encourages child - centered education based on 'learning by doing'. Maximum effort is made so that the students develop the habit of reading and familiarizing themselves with the works of great men of letters and thinkers in various fields and using dictionaries & reference work. Practical work in the laboratory is a part of science activities.To display students work Exhibitions are carried in a regular basis.


To places of historical, cultural and educational importance are arranged for the students at an additional cost. It is obligatory for the children to take part in these excursions.