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House System

It is always spring when the Bhageerathi, Gomathi, Sharavathi & Thapathi rivers flow along our peninsula bringing new life, hope and a desire to excel. This is what the four houses of the BNM State School stand for. These rivers have been the life giving force to humanity from time immemorial and our students of BNM will strive to keep that force alive.

The students of BNM Public School also have a house system.

The Red House stands for HOPE, a looking forward to the future with Courage and Confidence.

The Green House has LOYALITY as its guiding force. to be loyal and faithful is what they would strive for in their endeavors.

Bright like the Sunflower, we have the Yellow house with its motto of COURAGE to face the ineviatable ups and downs of life.

PERSEVERENCE without which nothing can be achieved in this world is what the Blue House stands for.