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Smt. BhageerathiBai and Shri Narayana Rao Maanays’ service in the cause of the old age people, orphans, sick, under privileged and backward sections of society, seen in most of the places in Bangalore,  recorded from as early as Nineteen hundred and twenties is highly appreciable. Be it Malleshwaram SevaSadan, the B H S Education Society, The Ashaktha Poshaka Sabha, the Little Sisters of the Poor or the Kidwai Memorial Cancer Hospital another similar organizations in Bangalore; we can find evidence of their goodwill.These acts of theirs were never to be revealed as desired by them since they were of the opinion "Do a good deed and forget it. But remember only the wrong that has taken place and try to overcome it."

An introduction to Shri N. Raghunath Rao Maanay can only begin with respectful reference to his parents, as he dedicated all his achievements to the blessings of his dear mother and father and they were his greatest assets and influence in his life. He contributed generously to run the BNM Institutions for the welfare and upliftment of children in Banashankari and the surrounding areas.

Our founder secretary Prof. Smt. Sunanda .P. Jadhav is an educationist to the core. In the year 1971, the institution made a small beginning with 40 students. Her years of struggle and single minded determination has stood us in good stead and the various groups of the Institution has grown to its present stature.