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About us

BNM is endowed with an excellent infrastructure, coupled with its peaceful environment, offer hassle-free study options. The natural beauty of BNM is captivating, enchanting and magical. It is like a feast for the tired eyes, mind, body and soul. The meticulously manicured gardens intersperesed with fountains that are like a blessing and an experience that is best when it is felt.

The BNM School is a cosmopolitian school in the full sense of the term without distinction of race, cast, creed or community. It is a coeducational day school.

Each child is respected and helped as an individual and the dignity of labour and of learning is upheld in every field . The virtues are the means of expressing the real human being and so these are inculcated with faith in their power to bring each one to his or her highest potential.

Morality and ethics are taught as a way of life . The school has made a lot of progress in all fields and produced excellent sports persons, Engineers, Doctors, Adminstrators etc, more than anything the school can assert with confidence and pride that it has produced well behaved cultured and model citizen.